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Saturday, January 08, 2005

"Complexity Science" Revisited

As my work churns on -- I feel at times that there are lot of things that are taken for granted in much of the literature that is available on complexity science. Most of these border on pop-sci (which does not mean they are not useful in any way, but then it is easy to get carried away by many of these), and one has to be cautious considering the hype usually associated with many new ideas. So the big question is -- where does work in this area stand now? Has it "matured" fully? Or does it still continue to be a bunch of disparate ideas strung together? I have to acknowledge the difficulty involved in including so much stuff under one umbrella - it is an enormous task in itself (which was evident in NECSI's last annual conference on complexity). I guess I am wary as to what happened to the Chaos and Catastrophe theories over time....



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