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Saturday, January 22, 2005

Smoking ban....for a whole country?

Good morning. After some energetic spurts in blogging things hve slowed down for the last week, mainly due to the reopening of classes here. Am happy to get back into the groove again -- although the weather here is still not doing any good. Its -5 F outside now (abt -22 C) -- need I say more? Took a walk outside in the morning and my eyelids almost froze shut. To top it all, a blizzard is supposedly on its way. Hmmm. Some respite please, weather gods?

Onto more bloggable stuff -- Bhutan has actually banned smoking! You can read about how they actually pulled it off here. With apologies to my smoker friends, I think that its just great. Bhutan's one place which I have always wanted to visit, but never got a chance. Someday...

More on the way....stay tuned.



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