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Monday, January 24, 2005

Evolution vs. Creationism

As I continue to read the news about the whole debate on evolution vs. creationism (which essentially leads us to whether we evolved naturally or were we created by some supreme being -- God? Aliens?) voila! along come some over-zealous schools which want to teach "Intelligent Design" (publicized by a bunch of pseudo-scientists) as opposed to evolution. Like this TIME article says, it is just a back door effort to introduce God into the science classrooms.....

First things first -- no theory -- including evolution for that matter is complete, and will not be for possibly a long time. As mankind has continued to evolve ( :) ) our understanding of the world around us has constantly changed. Theories are built up, and broken. There is no guarantee that much of what we are learning today will be considered as "correct" tomorrow...but thats no excuse to propagate a bunch of questionable ideas, dressed in the garb of science...

Not that we need to go to the extreme on this side either -- for that I do not subscribe to much of Richard Dawkins' (a self-proclaimed atheist and a fervent beleiver in the evolutionary process) ideas either. People should acknowledge the problems involved with the evolutionary theory. But ignoring physical evidence and looking at the Bible (or for that matter any other religious text) for answers?

I think religion has constantly considered scientific progress to be anathema (and this is seen throughout history). People who were involved in genuine work that lead to the questioning of the then held religious beliefs (such as the sun revolving around the earth) were frequently dubbed as heretics (Religion was the best candidate for the "theory of everything" -- especially the unexplainable). I personally think that the problem here is when these beliefs (be it on either side) are taken to be unquestionable facts -- which is plain WRONG. Religion, as well as science should be more accepting of the notion of change, for the goal of the absolute truth will continue to elude both of them for time to come....



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