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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Immortality and the human psyche

Guess most of you would've heard of Alcor. If not, its a company which specializes in preserving the bodies/heads of people after they die, in vats of liquid nitrogen. The people who opt for this pay a small fortune with the hope that someday in the future they can be revived. Ah, the eternal hope of eternal living....how many of us would say no? Not that there is any dearth of research work in this venture, the poster boy among scientists for immortality is Ray Kurzweil himself. He beleives that this is no more than 20 years away.....woo hoo! Thats not all, Kurzweil has turned himself into a guinea pig of sorts for testing his ideas about longevity of the human body. For what all these efforts are worth, (not meaning to play it down) they are certainly more tangible than ideas of afterlife. (note the skeptic in me here :) ) ....



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